Truth or Busted Boxset Collection (15 books)

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Truth or Busted's Science title explores popular myths and legends about the world of science, inventions and discoveries in a light and humorous way that kids will find simply unputdownable...


Footballers Earn Less Than Their Underpants Do!

You Can Fill A Swimming Pool With Your Spit!

The Smell of Poo Closed Parliament!

The Queen Loved To See Shakespeare's Bottom!

You Can Overpower A Crocodile With An Elastic Band!

You Can Get Sucked Down An Aeroplane Loo!

You Swallow Spiders In Your Sleep!

Female Pharaohs Wore False Beards!

Medieval People Washed Clothes in Wee!

Blackbeard's Headless Body Swam Around His Ship!

Warm Gladiator Blood Was Used As Medicine!

Human Beings Can Go Pop In Space!

Victorian Works Turned Dog Poo Into Gold!

Henry VIII Built A 14-Seat Lavatory!

World War One Made Soldiers' Feet Go Rotten!

書本尺寸: 12.9 cm x 19.7 cm

書本頁數: ~96頁