The Newspaper Club #2: The Cubs Get The Scoop

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BETH VRABEL, a former journalist, is author of the Cybils'- nominated Caleb and Kit, ILA award-winning A Blind Guide to Stinkville, JLG-selection A Blind Guide to Normal, The Reckless Club, The Humiliations of Pipi McGee, along with  The Newspaper Club and the Pack of Dorks series.

NELLIE AND THE CUB REPORTERS are getting great response to their independent newspaper in their sleepy Maine town. But when staff photographer Gordon snaps a photo of an escaped prisoner, The Cub Report starts to get too much attention.  While Nellie fights off jealousy at all the national media attention Gordon is receiving, the other Cubs start breaking away as parents question the safety (and validity) of a kid-run newspaper.  With the paper's future in serious jeopardy, Nellie, Gordon, and the club must set aside their issues to save their right to report the news.  

書本格式:Paperback 平裝版
書本尺寸:13.8x21 cm