The Charles Dickens Children's Collection (10 books)
HK$ 297
原價:HK$ 330
題材: 偵探歷險、童話寓言
適讀年齡: 7歲或以上
書本數量: 10本
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Join Ebeneezer Scrooge on his ghostly Christmas adventure, or follow orphaned Oliver Twist from rags to riches in some of literature's most famous tales from the foggy streets of Victorian London.


A Christmas Carol

Oliver Twist

The Old Curiosity Shop

Great Expectations

Nicholas Nickleby

Hard Times

A Tale of Two Cities

David Copperfield

Bleak House

Little Dorrit

書本尺寸: 12.8 cm x 19.9 cm

書本頁數: ~96頁