The 100 Complete Boxset (4 books)
HK$ 135
原價:HK$ 150
題材: 歷險故事
適讀年齡: 12歲或以上
書本數量: 4本
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Ever since nuclear war destroyed our planet, humanity has been living on city-like spaceships hovering above the toxic surface. As far as anyone knows, no one has stepped foot on Earth in centuries--that is, until one hundred juvenile delinquents are sentenced to return and recolonize the hostile land. The future of the human race rests in their hands, but nothing can prepare the 100 for what they find on this strange and savage planet.


The 100

Day 21



書本尺寸: 20.8 cm x 13.8 cm

書本頁數: ~294-340頁