Spy Penguins Collection (2 books)

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Two young adventure-loving and gadget-obsessed penguins dream of joining the FBI (Frosty Bureau of Investigation) in Sam Hay's hilarious new illustrated chapter book series, Spy Penguins.

Spy Penguins
The SPY who loved ice cream


Spy Penguins
Sure, Jackson and Quigley might officially be too young to join the FBI, but they aren't going to let that stop them!They just need to come up with the right plan to prove that they are worthy.  But when one of Q's inventions goes dangerously wrong, Jackson suddenly finds himself dropped right in the middle of an FBI stakeout.  There's fishy business afoot at the city's aquarium; rare fish vanishing and not the FBI work out what's going on.  It's up to Jackson and Quigley to solve the crime!

The SPY who loved ice cream
Jackson and Quigley were this close to joining the FBI, until Jackson's mom found out and they ended grounded instead.But at least they have Uncle Bryn's birthday party to look forward to.  Yet when they get to the ice cream parlor, Jackson and Quigley quickly realize that something gone very, very wrong, and Uncle Bryn is now Suspected of being a master thief!  Can Jackson and Quigley Solve the case before Uncle Bryn is locked away forever?

書本格式:Paperback 平裝版 / 單色印刷
書本尺寸:13.7x21 cm