Illustrated Classics Tales of Treasure Collection (12 books)
HK$ 198
原價:HK$ 220
題材: 經典著作、童話寓言
適讀年齡: 9歲或以上
書本數量: 12本
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This beautiful slipcase is an ideal introduction for young readers to timeless tales that have influenced entire generations. Featuring 12 hardback classics such as Black Beauty, Alice in Wonderland, and Little Women, this collection is the perfect companion to every child's bookcase.


Pride & Prejudice

The Secret Garden


Anne of Green Gables

Little Women

Alice in Wonderland

The Wizard of Oz 


Wind in the Willows

Black Beauty

Great Expectations

Lorna Doone

書本規格: Hardcover

書本尺寸: 19.1 cm x 12.4 cm

書本頁數: ~176頁