Hopeless Heroes: The Greek God Collection (10 books)
HK$ 234
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題材: 幽默搞笑、偵探歷險
適讀年齡: 6歲或以上
書本數量: 10本
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This ten books collection follows the adventures of Tim Baker as he travels back in time and meets legendary Greek Gods. Only, sometimes they make his life a little complicated...

Hopeless Heroes is a fun-filled series about Greek mythology, adventure and what it means to be a hero. Readers aged 6+ will love diving into the world of Tim Baker and his (sort of) friend Hercules. Great for fans of Who Let The Gods Out and the Percy Jackson series. 


Hopeless Heroes #1: Here Comes Hercules!

Hopeless Heroes #2: Hera's Terrible Trap!

Hopeless Heroes #3: Arachne's Golden Gloves!

Hopeless Heroes #4: Problems With Pythagoras!

Hopeless Heroes #5: Apollo's Mystic Message!

Hopeless Heroes #6: Jason's Wild Winds!

Hopeless Heroes #7: Circe's Beastly Feast

Hopeless Heroes #8: Odysseus' Trojan Trick

Hopeless Heroes #9: Hades' Pet Hellhound

Hopeless Heroes #10: Time's Up, Tim!

書本尺寸: 12.8 cm x 19.8 cm

書本頁數: ~208頁