Usborne My First Reading Library Boxset (50 books)
HK$ 398
原價:HK$ 443
題材: 温馨故事、日常生活、童話寓言
適讀年齡: 4歲或以上
書本數量: 50本
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Perfect for sharing at bedtime and also a great way for children to get to grips with reading themselves as they embark on their own personal reading journey, this massive 50-book collection will quickly become a bookshelf favourite. With gorgeous illustrations and easy-to-follow stories, the books will allow children to gradually take over a greater share of the reading, building their confidence all the time. The stories cover wishes, magic and animals and are sure to be returned to again and again. Of the books featured in this collection, 22 are from the Usborne Very First Reading range, which is designed specifically for shared reading, while 12 are from Level One and 16 from Level Two, which are designed for the little one to take over a greater share of the story.


There Was a Crocked Man

The Three Wishes

The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe

The Tortoise and the Eagle

The Lion and the Mouse

King Midas and the Gold

The Magic Melon

Little Miss Muffet

How Bear Lost his Tail

The Rabbit's Tale

The Greedy Dog

The Daydreamer

Bad Jack Fox

A Fright in the Night

The Deep Dark Woods

The Dragon and the Phoenix

Clever Rabbit and the Lion

King Donkey Ears

Old MacDonald had a Farm

How Elephants Lost Their Wings

Old Mother Hubbard

One, Two, Buckle My Shoe

The Genie in the Bottle

The Ant and the Grasshopper

Anansi and the Bag of Wisdom

The Perfect Pet

Captain Mac

Double Trouble

Doctor Foster Went to Gloucester

The Wish Fish

Mr Mystery

The Monster Diner

Knight Fight

The Circus under the Sea

Wild School

Late Night at the Zoo

Run, Rabbit, Run!

The Sun and the Wind

The Fox and the Stork

The Magic Ring

Grizzly Bear Rock

A Bus For Miss Moss

Dog Diary

The Queen Makes a Scene

The Dressing-Up Box

Stop that Cow!

Pirate Pat

Moon Zoom

Clever Rabbit and the Wolves

The Fox and the Crow

書本尺寸: 19.5 cm x 12.9 cm

書本頁數: ~32頁