Usborne Story Books Developing Readers Collections (10 books)
HK$ 324
原價:HK$ 360
題材: 童話寓言、經典著作
適讀年齡: 6歲或以上
書本數量: 10本 (audio version)
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Developing Reader Story Books are for children who are steadily gaining the practice and the confidence they need to read independently. These popular myths, legends and classic stories are beautifully illustrated, with fun activities and talking points after each story. Online links also allow you to follow along with audio versions.

Audio version with acticitives



Alice in Wonderland

Arthur and the Sword in the Stone

The Phantom of the Opera


Robin Hood and the Silver Arrow

The Little Mermaid

The Snow Queen

The Wooden Horse

The Wind in the Willows

書本尺寸: 23.9 cm x 16.9 cm

書本頁數: ~40頁